• Simple Lines Espresso

    Simple Lines is their evolving espresso blend—straightforward in approach, clean and balanced. While the coffees that go into it change with the seasons, the result is endlessly satisfying.

    So, what should you expect? Look for a broad flavour profile of cherry, vanilla, and almond torte. A rich, sweet, and balanced cup. A little brightness and subtle fruit character, with lots of dense, jammy sweetness to prop it up. A satisfying weightiness to the body, with sparkling clarity and finish.

    Few things capture the personality of a coffee company as neatly as its approach to a signature espresso blend and with Simple Lines, we’re no different. Beautiful in its simplicity, this espresso is a showcase of two stellar coffees, combining harmoniously, roasted to be delicately balanced and endlessly satisfying.

    Just simple lines, intertwining.

    Good for home espresso machines and those who prefer a darker filter roast.

  • Ultimo Blend

    Ultimo Blend Coffee is just one of their coffee blends perfect for your espresso! After feedback from their Italian Blend supporters, they chose to create a blend of close similarity. Ultimo Blend, a dark roasted coffee blend that delivers intense, strong character with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and toasted almond. Its flavour profile features enhanced richness and depth. When you’re looking for a distinctly rich, wake-me-up coffee with a kick, this would be your ultimate choice.

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