• Nemo’s Nectar

    Nemo’s Nectar is made for your filter, plungers, Areopress, and percolator coffee.

    Tasting Notes: when they say full-bodied, they mean it. It’s chocolate from top to tail with lots of sweet fruit up front.

    Much like their milk blend, Nemo’s Nectar has a base of Ethiopian to give it a huuuge base. It’s also finished with different South American coffees.

    This blend is named based on the Australian charity it backs. Take 3 for the Sea is on a mission to reduce global plastic pollution and waste. Two dollars from every kilo sold going to support their organization and programs. Every 50 kilos of Nemo’s nectar picks up 10,000 pieces of rubbish from their beaches

    It’s coffee that reduces plastic pollution.

    Further tasting notes:

    As an espresso with milk (caps, flat whites): Light floral texture with milk choc body
    As an espresso made black (espresso, long blacks): Upfront, floral with a punchy
    salt zest

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