• Bank’S Brew

    Bank’s Blend is made for your black espresso made coffees; espressos, ristrettos, long blacks, yadda, yadda.

    Tasting Notes: A strong fruit-based syrup with floral notes upfront, body, and lots of chocolate.

    We kept their espresso blend nice and simple. All South American beans with a base of Colombian.

    Bank’s Blend is named after Food Bank, a food relief organisation that fights hunger in Australia. Two dollars from every kilo sold going to support their organization and programs. Every kilo of Bank’s Brew provides four meals to vulnerable Australians.

    It’s coffee that feeds vulnerable Australian’s.

    Further tasting notes:

    As an espresso with milk (caps, flat whites): Sweet. Light floral notes upfront with Choc and a bit of salt.
    As a filter/plunger coffee: Had black it’s a lot of chocolate. With milk, it’s sweet a touch floral with surprising body and very pleasant lingering chocolate notes

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